Customer Service Policy

All customers who contact Planet Pet, regardless of their reason, are valued, customers.

Our customer service is of the utmost importance to us, and we will do our best to handle each inquiry as promptly as possible.

At Planet Pet, we are committed to providing excellent service that meets our customers' reasonable expectations.

Plant Pet understands that every individual's needs are unique and specific. The business will be conducted fairly and promptly, and our customers will be treated with honesty and integrity at all times.

Our goal at Planet Pet is to help serve our customers in the best way possible by providing excellent customer service.

To provide our customers with the best service possible, we will listen to what they have to say. It is essential for us not to assume we know what they desire but to find out and listen to what they have to say.

We will not waste any customer's time. If an individual cannot directly assist a customer, it is their responsibility to find someone who can and put them in touch with the customer. Customers should be advised of a time when the person who can assist them will be available if the person who receives the call is unavailable to help them.

We will provide easy-to-understand responses to all inquiries and complaints. It will be straightforward, clear, and detailed, and it will address the original investigation or complaint directly.

During the company's regular working hours, all telephone inquiries or complaints will receive a response within one business day.

Customer service staff must identify themselves verbally or in writing and give their first name to customers on the phone.

In keeping with this goal of efficiency and the interest of its customers, Planet Pet reserves the right to limit the use of resources and staff on unfair or unreasonable demands.