16 Aug 2022

Male vs Female Budgies

Wondering if a male or female budgie would be a better pet companion for you? See our budgie pet guide and decide for yourself!

Male vs Female Budgies

A budgie might be what you need as a companion to cheer you up after a long day at work.

Known as parakeets by our friends in the USA, budgies are a perfect pet for those searching for feathered companions. They are friendly, outgoing, and can be easily looked after. They don’t need a large space to live in and are great even for people living in small rented apartments.

But here’s a question that bugs many people about these tiny birds — “what’s the difference between a male and a female budgie, and which one should I get?” If you’re one such individual, look at our brief informative guide on budgies and be enlightened by the end about what sets them apart.

A Long-Lasting Companion — Budgie Parakeet

The pandemic made us realise the importance of company and how lonely we can get sitting all day long at home with no companion.

Some people had families to look forward to, while others didn’t. But no matter what place you call home, one thing became apparent: a need for a companion, be it a pet or person. We don’t know about a person, but a pet is seriously something to look forward to!

Three Budgie Parakeets On Chair

So, if you’ve been motivated to have a pet of your own, a smart birdie mimicking all your moves, then budgies aren’t a bad choice.

If you don’t know anything about budgies or the difference between the male and female ones, then don’t worry. We all start somewhere, and today we’ll be your guiding light by highlighting everything important about budgies and which one you should go for.

What Is A Budgie?

Budgie or budgerigar is a small, long-tailed, colourful parrot, fond of eating seeds, whistling and bobbing heads when excited. Often called parakeets in the US, budgies are native to Australia and make excellent pets with their socially amiable qualities and inquisitive nature. They can talk and have their own identity, just like Disco, who has taken budgie lovers by storm with its mimicry.

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Difference Between Male And Female Budgies

Not everyone is an ornithologist, and noticing minute differences between male budgies and female budgies can be an immense task for amateurs. But if you’ve been a dedicated birdwatcher for a long time, then identifying the difference between grown male and female budgies is a walk in the park.

Still, don’t worry if you’re none of these, as a close-up of certain features, behaviour, and interaction can give away a budgie’s gender. Thus, if you have a budgerigar and want to identify if it’s a male or female, then pay closer attention to the details mentioned below.

1. Budgie’s Cere Holds The Secret

If you want to differentiate a male budgie from a female one, then nothing is better for sex identification than the cere colour. The cere is the flesh above a budgie’s beak, and its colour helps identify if you have a male or a female budgie in the house.

Usually, a 12-month-old budgie (or more) with a dark purple or bright blue cere is a male budgie. Males have larger ceres than females, and the latter has light pink, tan, white, or brown cere with a slightly rough texture.

However, it isn’t a foolproof method to identify a budgie’s gender, as exceptions are always there. Besides, if your baby budgie hasn’t had its first moult yet, this method won’t work as all budgies below the age of 1 have purple ceres.

Cere Colours In Budgies

2. The Power Of Vocals For Gender Identification

If you have a young budgie, the above method is a flop, but don’t worry! The power of vocals can help set male budgies apart from female ones. Most avian experts believe that male budgies tend to sing more often than females and are more musical than the latter, whose voice sometimes sounds angry.

Most male budgies are noisier and tend to whistle or sing for a longer time than female parakeets. However, don’t take vocals as the main deciding factor, as vice-versa is also true. Your female parakeet can be as melodious as a male budgie, so don’t decide the gender of the parakeet based on vocals alone.

3. Appearance Giveaways

Body shape, feet and feather colour, and head shape set apart a female budgie from a male one. Though this method isn’t 100% effective, it can drop some valuable hints about your budgie’s gender.

An adult budgie with blue-coloured feet, a slightly larger frame, vibrant feathers, and a rounder head is often identified as male. While on the other hand, an adult budgie with pink or brown feet and legs with a flatter head and pale feathers is usually identified as a female budgie.

However, there’s one problem with this identification method, especially with leg and feet colour — all baby budgies who haven’t experienced their first moulting yet have pink feet.

Different Appearences Of Budgies

4. Behaviour — Standoffish Or Social?

Another method to distinguish male and female budgerigars is by noting their behaviour and how they interact with others. Male budgies are usually more social and easily approachable. They will seek your attention by imitating everyday vocabulary, whistling, or singing long melodies. Moreover, they tend to bob more which sets them apart from female budgerigars, which appear withdrawn at times.

Female budgerigars can appear grouchy and standoffish, even cranky and aggressive if they’re fertile or are in the mood for breeding. Thus, if your budgie is outgoing and amiable, then it might be a male, but it’s not something set in stone, as this method of gender identification isn’t reliable. So, if you want to be sure about the budgie’s gender, it’s better to get it checked by a vet and run tests to be certain.

Which Budgie Makes A Wonderful Pet?

All baby budgies might appear the same to an untrained eye, but there are various noticeable differences between male and female budgerigars. A male parakeet is more social, musical, and friendly than a female parakeet, but this doesn’t make female parakeets a lousy choice.

If you’re in the mood to grow the market of budgies, then a female budgie might be great, though they need to be properly looked after. But, no matter if it’s a male or female budgie, both sexes are great companions, so don’t let these factors guide you.

Who knows, you might like an observing female budgie more than a male one?

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See you next time!

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