Bunny Dry Bath Powder 100gm

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Bunny Dry Bath Powder 100gm

Brand: Aristopet



Features & Benefits

Aristopet Bunny Dry Bath Powder is an innovative grooming and deodorising solution designed for rabbits and guinea pigs. This 100gm powder effectively absorbs dirt, grime, and oils from your pet’s coat, ensuring a clean, fresh, and healthy appearance.

As a trusted and reliable pet product available at Planet Pet, this easy-to-use dry bath powder offers several benefits. It eliminates the need for traditional water baths and reduces stress for the pet during grooming sessions. With Aristopet’s expertise in the industry, the Bunny Dry Bath Powder ensures a high-quality and safe grooming experience for your beloved small companions.

  • Quick and efficient cleaning method
  • Minimises pet stress during grooming
  • Safe and gentle on your pet’s skin and coat
  • Suitable for both rabbits and guinea pigs
  • High-quality and reliable performance from Aristopet

With Planet Pet’s commitment to providing top-tier pet products to Australian pet owners, the Aristopet Bunny Dry Bath Powder is an excellent addition to any small pet’s care routine. Its convenience, safety, and effectiveness make it a valuable and essential product for keeping your furry friend’s coat clean and fresh.

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