Birdzone Sunset Dream

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Birdzone Sunset Dream

Brand: Bird Zone

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Features & Benefits

Introducing Birdzone Sunset Dream, a delightful mix of tropical fruits, nuts, and grains, expertly formulated for small birds. Crafted by Bird Zone, a renowned name in the pet industry, this carefully blended mix not only tastes delicious, but also serves as an excellent treat and training aid for your feathered friends.

With Planet Pet’s Birdzone Sunset Dream, you can provide a tasty and nutritious treat for your small birds, while also incorporating it within their training routine. This product is suitable for use as an alternative to their daily seed mix or simply as a treat, bringing excitement to your birds' feeding experience.

How to Use

Integrate Birdzone Sunset Dream into your birds' daily routine by replacing their typical seed mix or using it as an occasional treat or training aid. To maintain the freshness and quality of this product, remove any uneaten food each day.


For the best results, store Birdzone Sunset Dream in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dark place. The use-by date on the packaging will help you keep track of your product’s freshness and ensure maximum enjoyment for your small birds.

Please be aware that this product is not available for delivery to Western Australia or Tasmania. It is important to remember that while Birdzone Sunset Dream is a delightful treat, it should be offered alongside a balanced daily diet to ensure optimal health and nutrition for your small birds.

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