Natural Pet Bedding 30L

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In Stock

Natural Pet Bedding 30L

Brand: Carefresh



Features & Benefits

Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding offers both pet owners and their small furry companions an environmentally responsible, hygienic, and comfortable solution to pet bedding. Made from 100% biodegradable and compostable wood shavings, this bedding is not only eco-friendly but also three times more absorbent than traditional options.

With its strong absorption capabilities, Carefresh Pet Bedding effectively suppresses ammonia odours for up to 10 days, keeping small pet habitats cleaner and fresher for longer periods. Designed specifically for small animals such as rodents and guinea pigs, every aspect of this bedding caters to their unique needs.

As safety is a priority for both pets and pet owners, this bedding is made to be entirely dust-free, making it a healthier choice not only for the animals but also for the people sharing their environment. Furthermore, its 30L volume ensures there’s plenty of bedding to provide a cosy and inviting space for the pets to rest and play.


  • 30L volume, suitable for a variety of small pets

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