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Features & Benefits

Crafted by the renowned brand Friendly Earth, these premium small animal shavings offer the ultimate bedding solution for your furry friends. With their natural, chemical-free composition, these shavings are perfect for creating a safe and comfortable environment within nest boxes and enclosures.

To ensure a pleasant experience for your pets, the shavings undergo a meticulous dust removal process, which eliminates excess powder and any unwanted particles. This extra step results in a cleaner, healthier living space for your cherished companions.

  • Expertly developed by trusted brand Friendly Earth
  • Natural, chemical-free composition for a safe and comfortable habitat
  • Perfect for nest boxes and bedding areas in enclosures
  • Excess dust and powder removed for your pet’s health and comfort

Purchasing Friendly Earth shavings from Planet Pet ensures top-notch quality and the opportunity to nurture your pets with the care and attention they deserve. Choose these exceptional shavings and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furry family members are well cared for in a cozy and safe environment.

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