Small Animal Cube Cave

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Small Animal Cube Cave

Brand: Nibble & Squeek



Introducing the Nibble & Squeek Small Animal Cube Cave

The Small Animal Cube Cave by Nibble & Squeek offers a cosy and comfortable hideaway for your beloved small pets. Designed with a unique combination of a soft triangular reef pattern on the exterior and warm, soft fur on the inside, this cave ensures a secure and warm environment for your furry friend to rest, nap and play in. The high-quality fabric provides both durability and a comfortable sanctuary for your small pets, making it perfect for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and other small animals.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-slip bottom: Ensures stability and safety, preventing the cube cave from sliding around.
  • Removable and washable pillow: Provides comfort and easy maintenance, keeping your pet’s sleeping area clean and hygienic.
  • Double stitched lining: Enhances durability and longevity, designed to withstand everyday use.
  • Waterproof material: Protects the interior from spills and accidents, essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your pet.

Choose the Nibble & Squeek Small Animal Cube Cave for your pets and guarantee their comfort, safety, and happiness. Make a valuable investment in your pet’s well-being and quality of life with this versatile, well-crafted product from Planet Pet.

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