Baked Treat Carrot and Dill Small Animal Treats 85g

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In Stock

Baked Treat Carrot and Dill Small Animal Treats 85g

Brand: Oxbow



Features & Benefits

Oxbow Baked Treat Carrot and Dill Small Animal Treats are specially crafted to provide your small pets with a nutritious and delicious treat. Made with high-quality ingredients, these oven-baked treats combine the goodness of carrots and dill in an 85g package, making them an ideal snack for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

Nutritionally balanced and approved by veterinarians, Oxbow treats can be a part of your pet’s daily diet, supporting their overall health and wellbeing. The enticing carrot and dill flavour will have your furry friends begging for more, while the natural ingredients ensure they are receiving essential vitamins and minerals.

A fun and tasty way to bond with your pets, these treats encourage play and interaction, ultimately contributing to the happiness and health of your beloved pet. Trust Planet Pet and Oxbow for providing top-quality, expert-approved pet products that keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

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