Rosewood Seagrass Tunnel Large

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Rosewood Seagrass Tunnel Large




Features & Benefits

Introducing the Rosewood Seagrass Tunnel Large, a perfect addition to your pet’s playtime and relaxation routine. Crafted by the trusted brand ROSEWOOD, this spacious and durable seagrass tunnel provides an ideal environment for pets to explore, play, and rest uninterrupted.

Unlike regular cardboard options, this seagrass tunnel is designed without any glue or wire attachments, ensuring a safe and secure environment for pets to chew and play. Furthermore, the seagrass material is water-resistant and naturally long-lasting, making it a smart choice for pet parents who desire both durability and safety in their pet’s accessories.

With its appealing design and reliable construction, the Rosewood Seagrass Tunnel Large effortlessly enhances your pet’s daily activities, promoting a sense of exploration and enjoyable rest. Choose Planet Pet, an established name in the Australian pet products industry, to provide your furry friend with the high-quality accessories they deserve.

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