932 Open Top Parrot Cage 96x74x173cm

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In Stock

932 Open Top Parrot Cage 96x74x173cm

Brand: Avi One

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Introducing the Avi One 932 Open Top Parrot Cage

Delight your beloved pet bird with the spacious and stylish Avi One 932 Open Top Parrot Cage, designed to become the ultimate sanctuary for your feathery companion. This expertly crafted aviary ensures both optimal safety and impressive durability, providing the perfect home for your parrot within a comfortable and appealing environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Bird-safe construction: The Avi One 932 cage guarantees the well-being of your pet with its carefully designed bird-safe build.
  • Portable: Effortlessly manoeuvre the cage with ease, making relocation and cleaning a breeze.
  • Long-lasting non-toxic powder coat paint: Crafted with a durable, non-toxic powder coat paint, the cage remains unblemished and safe for your feathery friend to inhabit for years to come.
  • Generous living space: Boasting a sizeable 96x74x173cm design, ample room is provided for your pet bird to stretch their wings and soar in happiness.
  • Perches and feeders included: Furnished with quality perches and feeders, this cage delivers comprehensive comfort and convenience for your beloved pet.


The Avi One 932 Open Top Parrot Cage measures 96cm in length, 74cm in width, and 173cm in height, offering a substantial and comfortable living area for your parrot.

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