Cage 242 Parrot Cage

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Cage 242 Parrot Cage

Brand: Avi One

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Introducing the Avi One Cage 242 Parrot Cage

Designed to keep your feathered friends happy and entertained, the Avi One Cage 242 Parrot Cage offers a stylish and safe living environment for your beloved parrots. With a combination of practical features and quality materials, this cage not only looks great but also promises durability and comfort for your birds.

Size and Dimensions

This spacious parrot cage measures 76.5L x 71.5W x 158H (cm), providing ample room for your parrots to spread their wings and enjoy their new home.

Features & Benefits

  • Slide-out metal grate and catch pan: The inclusion of a slide-out metal grate and catch pan ensures easy cleaning and maintenance of your parrot’s living space.
  • Portability: Designed with convenience in mind, this cage is easy to move, allowing you to provide your parrots with a change of scenery when needed.
  • Safety features: The three swing-out feeder doors provide additional safety for your pets, preventing them from escaping or getting stuck.
  • Quality materials: The Avi One Cage 242 comes with three stainless steel food cups, ensuring that your parrots' food is kept clean and hygienic.
  • Complete package: Including perches and feeders, this cage offers everything needed to create a comfortable and engaging environment for your parrots to thrive.

Invest in the Avi One Cage 242 Parrot Cage and provide your birds with the luxurious and secure home they deserve. Trust Planet Pet in Australia to deliver a top-quality product and exceptional service, making your shopping experience delightful and hassle-free.

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