Bird Toy Acrylic Plum Blossom with Bell Balls

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Bird Toy Acrylic Plum Blossom with Bell Balls

Brand: Avi One

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Delightful Toy for Pet Birds

Introduce a fun and engaging activity for your pet bird with the remarkable Avi One Bird Toy Acrylic Plum Blossom with Bell Balls. Crafted with stunning attention to detail, this bird toy is designed to stimulate your bird’s natural curiosity and sense of exploration, promoting mental and physical well-being in the process.

Features & Benefits

  • Colourful design: The vivid colours in the Plum Blossom pattern attracts the bird’s attention, piquing their interest and encouraging them to examine and interact with the toy.
  • Durable acrylic material: Constructed with high-quality, sturdy acrylic, this bird toy is designed to withstand hours of playtime while being safe and gentle on your pet’s beak and talons.
  • Bell balls: The playful bell balls enhance the sensory experience of your bird, producing appealing sounds that provide mental stimulation and provoke curiosity.
  • Easy to install: Equipped with a simple attachment mechanism, the toy can be conveniently secured onto the birdcage, allowing for easy access and a frustration-free playtime.

Planet Pet offers the best bird toys, such as the Avi One Bird Toy Acrylic Plum Blossom with Bell Balls, to keep your pet bird entertained and satisfied. With two decades of industry experience, our knowledgeable staff at Planet Pet is committed to providing exceptional pet products for customers throughout Australia. Bring joy and happiness to your pet bird by purchasing this magnificent bird toy today!

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