Bird Toy Olympic Ring with Bell

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In Stock

Bird Toy Olympic Ring with Bell

Brand: Avi One

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Avi One Bird Toy Olympic Ring with Bell, an engaging and stimulating toy designed to keep your feathered companions entertained for hours. Brightly coloured and visually appealing, this delightful toy not only captures the attention of your bird but also encourages play and exercise for a happier and healthier pet.

Constructed with durable materials, the Bird Toy Olympic Ring with Bell is designed to withstand regular use by birds and parrots of all sizes. The added bell feature produces an auditory delight for your pet, keeping them engaged and active throughout the day.

As a versatile addition to your bird’s environment, this Avi One toy can easily be attached to any enclosure or cage, making it suitable for various breeds of birds and parrots. Invest in the wellbeing and happiness of your feathered friend by providing them with the Avi One Bird Toy Olympic Ring with Bell from Planet Pet, Australia’s trusted source for high-quality pet products.


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