Bird Toy Leather Rope Coloured Wood Block 33cm

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Bird Toy Leather Rope Coloured Wood Block 33cm

Brand: Avi One

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Introducing the Avi One Bird Toy

Presenting the Avi One Bird Toy Leather Rope Coloured Wood Block, a versatile and entertaining addition to your feathery friend’s environment. This delightful 33cm hanging toy boasts an assortment of intriguing elements, allowing your pet bird to engage in various activities while promoting mental stimulation and physical well-being.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple textures: Designed with a combination of leather, wood, and metal chains, this Avi One bird toy caters to your pet’s natural curiosity and keeps them engaged for hours.
  • Foraging encouragement: This bird toy stimulates foraging instincts while reducing boredom, encouraging your avian companion to think and search for food.
  • Durable and bird-safe: Avi One uses sturdy, bird-friendly materials to ensure prolonged use and safety for your pet.
  • Lockable pear link: Effortlessly attach and secure the toy to your bird’s cage with the handy lockable pear link provided.
  • Variety of styles: The Leather Rope Coloured Wood Block comes in an array of textures and styles for you to choose from, ensuring a diverse and stimulating environment for your pet bird.

Your pet’s happiness and wellbeing are the top priority at Planet Pet. Equip your bird’s habitat with the Avi One Bird Toy Leather Rope Coloured Wood Block and watch them revel in hours of entertainment and enrichment.

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