Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings

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Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings

Brand: Breeders Choice



Features & Benefits

Introducing Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings, an excellent and reliable bedding solution for animal enthusiasts and pet owners alike. These premium wood shavings are sourced from dried and unstained pine wood, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all types of pets. As a brand dedicated to high-quality pet products, Breeders Choice wood shavings have a superior absorbency rate, making them an ideal option to keep pet habitats clean and odour-free.

The unique and scrupulous screening process used in the production of these wood shavings effectively eliminates harmful dust particles. This reduction in dust content significantly lowers the potential risk of reactive airway diseases, ensuring the well-being and health of pets.


Measurements: 30H x 37W x 58L (cm)

Purchasing Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings from Planet Pet is a wise decision, as the importance of pet health and optimal habitat conditions is recognized and catered to. Trust in the expert knowledge and commitment to quality offered by Planet Pet and Breeders Choice, as the happiness and welfare of pets remains the paramount aspect of their business practices.

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