GoldenCob Supreme Budgerigar Mix 20kg

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GoldenCob Supreme Budgerigar Mix 20kg

Brand: Golden Cob

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Golden Cob Supreme Budgerigar Mix: Nourish Your Feathered Friend

Offer your budgerigar the finest nutrition with Golden Cob Supreme Budgerigar Mix, a premium seed blend meticulously formulated to support the overall health and well-being of your beloved pet. Each morsel of this high-quality mix is coated in vitamin and mineral-enriched vegetable oil, ensuring optimum nutrition whilst promoting vitality and longevity in budgies.

By choosing Golden Cob, pet owners can be confident that they are providing their feathered companions with an ideal seed mix enriched with essential vitamins A, D3, and E. Vitamin A is crucial for maintaining healthy eyesight and immunity, while Vitamin D3 plays an integral role in calcium absorption for robust bones. To support successful reproduction, Vitamin E remains a key component in this mix. Moreover, the addition of iodine aids the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, further contributing to the overall health of your budgerigar.

Features & Benefits

  • Expertly crafted, specifically for the dietary needs of budgies
  • Enriched with vitamins A, D3, and E for comprehensive health support
  • Iodine for improved thyroid function
  • Vitamin and mineral-enriched vegetable oil coating for optimum nutritive value
  • Available in a convenient 20kg pack to meet the needs of all budgie owners

Whether you have a single budgie or a thriving flock, the Golden Cob Supreme Budgerigar Mix 20kg pack caters to the needs of every pet owner—ensuring the optimal nutrition necessary for vibrant, happy, and healthy birds.

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