Poultry & Bird Calcium Grit 3.5kg

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Poultry & Bird Calcium Grit 3.5kg

Brand: Whistler



Features & Benefits

Natural Australian Mineral Grit: Whistler Poultry & Bird Calcium Grit is made from high-quality natural Australian mineral grit, providing a rich source of calcium for optimal poultry health.

Rich in Calcium: This calcium grit offers plenty of benefits for adult laying hens, including improved eggshell production and harder shells, which are essential for overall health and well-being.

Easy to Distribute: For your convenience, you can either place the aviary grit in a separate feed dish or sprinkle it over the free-range feeding ground where your birds are grazing.

Exclusively for Adult Laying Hens: Specially formulated for adult laying hens, this product should not be fed to chicks up to 16 weeks of age, as they do not require added calcium at this stage in their development.

Generous 3.5kg Packaging: The Whistler Poultry & Bird Calcium Grit is available in a 3.5kg package, ensuring that you have enough supply for your flock.

Proper Storage: It is essential to store the calcium grit in a dry, cool place to avoid contamination and spoilage, ensuring that your birds receive the full benefits of this valuable supplement.

With Whistler Poultry & Bird Calcium Grit 3.5kg, you can be confident in providing your adult laying hens with a natural, high-quality source of calcium for improved health and enhanced eggshell production. Keep your feathered friends happy and healthy with this essential addition to their diet.

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