Hay Wheel

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Hay Wheel

Brand: Living World



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Hay Wheel by Living World, a delightful way to offer nourishing hay to your small furry friends. This ingenious product is specifically designed for small mammals, ensuring a simple yet engaging feeding experience. The Hay Wheel can be easily filled with your pet’s choice of hay, promoting natural foraging behaviour and keeping them entertained as they nibble or roll the wheel around their habitat.

But that’s not all! For some added excitement, why not include your pet’s favourite treats? This will not only further enhance their feeding enjoyment but also provide a stimulating environment, supporting their overall well-being. Make the Hay Wheel an essential addition to your pet’s habitat, and witness the joy it will bring to their daily routine.

Trust Planet Pet for quality pet products, such as the Living World Hay Wheel, catering specifically to the needs of your furry family members. With expertise, knowledge and care, ensure your pets thrive in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

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