Simple Rewards Timothy Treats 40g

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In Stock

Simple Rewards Timothy Treats 40g

Brand: Oxbow



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Oxbow Simple Rewards Timothy Treats, a perfect choice to bond and show love towards rabbits and guinea pigs. These delectable treats are crafted from premium Timothy hay, providing a wholesome source of fibre to keep pets healthy and happy. The enticing aroma and taste of these treats make them an excellent choice for pets, ensuring they enjoy every bite.

Unlike other pet snacks loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats, the Oxbow Simple Rewards Timothy Treats ensure a nutritious and satisfying treat experience for pets. These treats can also be used as an effective training aid, allowing pet owners to reward their furry friends for good behaviour and strengthen the bond between them.

With a 40g pack offered in the range, there is plenty of opportunity for pets to enjoy these delightful treats, making them an ideal addition to any pet’s diet. Experience the joy and satisfaction of giving pets the best with the Oxbow Simple Rewards Timothy Treats.

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