Adult Rabbit Food 1.25kg

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In Stock

Adult Rabbit Food 1.25kg

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Meticulously crafted Peckish Adult Rabbit Food is designed to aid in the promotion of optimal health and vitality for adult rabbits. Its unique blend of ingredients boasts a high fiber content, essential for maintaining your pet’s overall digestive health. With the inclusion of antioxidants, the immune system receives an extra layer of support, ensuring your furry friend remains both happy and healthy.

Enhanced with vitamin C, this rabbit food aids in promoting healthy skin and fur, an essential aspect for the overall appearance and wellbeing of your pet. Moreover, the addition of carrot and mint not only creates a delectable taste your rabbit will love, but also contributes to maintaining good eye and dental health.

Available in a convenient 1.25kg pack, this Peckish Adult Rabbit Food is a reliable choice for Australian pet owners who seek only the best for their beloved bunnies. Trust Planet Pet to offer a quality product that ensures the happiness and wellbeing of your pet.

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