Dental Treat 150g

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Dental Treat 150g

Brand: Peckish



Addressing Dental Health Concerns

Pet owners who care for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice understand the importance of proper oral hygiene for their beloved pets. Peckish Dental Treat 150g is designed to cater to these dental health needs, as these animals have teeth that continually grow throughout their lives.

Made from natural ingredients, Peckish Dental Treats offer a nutritious and safe solution for maintaining oral health in small pets. The carrot-flavoured treats not only delight the taste buds but also have a dense texture that helps wear down their teeth effectively. This prevents conditions caused by overgrown teeth and ensures a healthier life for your furry friends.

Convenient and Fresh Dental Treats

The Peckish Dental Treats come in a resealable bag, which extends their freshness and quality, enabling pet owners to provide top-notch dental care for their small pets. Choose the Peckish Dental Treat 150g from Planet Pet and give your pets the essential oral care and delicious snacks they deserve.

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