Pet Bedding Green Apple 2kg

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In Stock

Pet Bedding Green Apple 2kg

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Peckish Pet Bedding Green Apple provides a comfortable and healthy environment for your furry companions. Expertly crafted from all-natural wood shavings, this 2kg pet bedding is ideal for keeping their habitats clean and odour-free. Its high absorbency ensures optimum moisture retention, maintaining a hygienic and pleasant atmosphere within your pet’s enclosure.

One of its standout characteristics is its delightful green apple scent, which not only adds an invigorating aroma but also helps in masking any unpleasant odours. Equipped with dust-free properties, Peckish Pet Bedding Green Apple takes care of your pets' well-being by minimising the risk of respiratory issues and discomfort caused by allergens.


When expanded, this 2kg bag of pet bedding offers an impressive 30 litres of coverage, ultimately providing a generous and cozy space for your pets to rest in. Choose Peckish Pet Bedding Green Apple to ensure a welcoming, refreshing, and safe living space for your cherished pets.

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