Rabbit Pellets 1.8kg

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Rabbit Pellets 1.8kg

Brand: Science Selective



Product Overview

Introducing Science Selective Rabbit Pellets, a high-fibre, nutritious, and delicious rabbit food designed to cater to the dietary needs of our fluffy companions. A rabbit’s diet in the wild predominantly consists of grass, which is naturally rich in fibre (20-25%). Since their teeth and digestive systems are specifically adapted for such fibre-rich diets, it is crucial to ensure that domestic bunnies receive sufficient amounts of fibre too. Infused with 25% fibre, Science Selective Rabbit Pellets are developed to support a rabbit’s overall health.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural ingredients: The primary source of fibre is forage, combined with linseed, which contains Omega 3 and 6 to maintain a healthy skin and coat;
  • Prebiotics: This rabbit food is enriched with natural prebiotics to encourage the growth of beneficial gut bacteria;
  • Crunchy texture: A unique and delectable crunchy texture that bunnies find irresistible, with no added sugars;
  • Optimal digestion: High levels of short and long fibre sources promote overall digestive wellbeing;
  • Appropriate portions: Generous portion sizes provide ample nutrition without contributing to unhealthy weight gain;
  • Fortified vitamins and minerals: These pellets contain essential vitamins and minerals that are easily digestible for rabbits.

Choose Science Selective Rabbit Pellets for a well-balanced, high-fibre diet that will keep your rabbit happy, healthy, and content. By opting for Planet Pet’s range of quality pet products, customers can expect reliable, professional, and knowledgeable service backed by years of industry expertise.

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