Tim Rose Marigold Hay 750g

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Tim Rose Marigold Hay 750g

Brand: Peckish



Features & Benefits

Peckish Tim Rose Marigold Hay is a premium quality Timothy Hay blend designed to provide your rabbit, guinea pig, or pigeon with a nutritious and delicious diet. Comprising approximately 75% of their daily intake, this hay blend supports not only optimal digestion but also maintains good oral hygiene.

This special blend is enriched with the goodness of rose and hibiscus flowers, offering additional health benefits to your beloved pets. The rose and marigold flowers have a positive impact on the nervous system, skin, coat, and eye health. Besides, they also contain anti-inflammatory properties that further promote your pet’s overall wellbeing.

One of the key advantages of feeding Peckish Tim Rose Marigold Hay to your pets is its ability to help trim their teeth naturally. As they chew on the hay, their teeth are kept in check, preventing overgrowth and other dental issues.


The Peckish Tim Rose Marigold Hay is available in a generous 750g pack, ensuring your pets have a sufficient supply of tasty and healthy hay to munch on. With its numerous health benefits and delightful taste, your pets will love this nutritious addition to their daily diet.

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