Percher Carrot & Apple Bird Treat 1.2kg

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Percher Carrot & Apple Bird Treat 1.2kg

Brand: Whistler

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Features & Benefits

Whistler Percher Carrot & Apple Bird Treat 1.2kg is a delicious and nutritious feast perfect for all bird species, whether they are caged pets or wild visitors to your yard. Crafted using high-quality, natural ingredients sourced right here in Australia, this scrumptious treat includes preserved apples and carrots, yellow millet, Japanese millet, plain canary seeds, and more.

This oversized 1.2kg block not only provides an enjoyable meal for your feathered friends, but it also serves as a satisfying boredom buster. The convenient pre-built hook makes it effortless to hang the treat within an enclosure or from a tree branch, ensuring easy access for all birds.


Available in a generous 1.2kg block, Whistler Percher Carrot & Apple Bird Treat is designed to last awhile, keeping both caged and wild birds healthy and content.


  • Australian made: Whistler is a trusted Australian brand, ensuring quality and commitment to local manufacturing.
  • Universal appeal: Suitable for a diverse range of bird species, both domestic and wild.
  • Ease of use: Pre-built hook allows for simple and efficient hanging of the treat block.
  • Natural ingredients: Contains wholesome fruits, vegetables, and seeds, providing birds with essential nutrients for their wellbeing.

Invest in the happiness and health of your feathered companions with Whistler Percher Carrot & Apple Bird Treat 1.2kg. You can trust the expertise of Planet Pet to deliver the best in pet care products.

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