Percher Fruit & Nut Treat 1.2kg

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Percher Fruit & Nut Treat 1.2kg

Brand: Whistler

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Whistler Percher Fruit & Nut Treat: A Delectable Delight for Your Feathered Friends

Introducing the Whistler Percher Fruit & Nut Treat, a premium, all-natural delight for your cherished medium to large parrots. As a superbly crafted blend of fruits and nuts, this 1.2kg treat from one of Australia’s renowned pet product brands, Whistler, promises nothing less than outstanding quality.

Committed to the ultimate satisfaction of both pet owners and their beloved birds, Whistler’s Percher Fruit & Nut Treat presents a playful blend that entices parrots to perch and savour its deliciously crafted content. Each scrumptious morsel combines a perfect balance of flavours, carefully picked to enthrall your pet’s taste buds and keep them entertained and content.

Quality and Nutrition in One Tasty Package

Proudly 100% Australian made, the Whistler Percher Fruit & Nut Treat upholds the high standards and dedication to quality that distinguish Planet Pet. This nutritional masterpiece satisfies your parrot’s cravings while providing them with essential vitamins and minerals for their overall well-being.

Why Choose Whistler Percher Fruit & Nut Treat

  • Premium and all-natural ingredients
  • Delightful blend of fruits and nuts
  • Nutrient-rich diet for medium to large parrots
  • 100% Australian made quality
  • Backed by 20 years of industry experience

Only the best should be within reach of your precious pet. Delight them today with Whistler Percher Fruit & Nut Treat ― a wonderful addition to your bird’s diet, available on the leading eCommerce platform, Planet Pet. Your parrot’s satisfaction is our priority.

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