4 Aug 2022

Can Guinea Pigs Have Blankets In Their Cage?

Would blankets be ok to give to guinea pigs inside their cages? If you want to learn more about keeping your guinea pig warm, this article is for you!

Can Guinea Pigs Have Blankets In Their Cage?

Aren’t guinea pigs the most adorable little critters? We think it is safe to assume they make the cutest little pets.

Unlike bigger pets like dogs or cats, guinea pigs require less attention. But who would seriously not adore them anyway?

Nonetheless, like any other pet, you need to care for them and keep them cosy. And one way to do that is by giving them their adorable little blankets.

Now, you might be thinking if it’s a possible idea to keep blankets inside their cage. After all, guinea pigs love to chew. Well, this is what we have discussed in this brief guide.

So, for the sake of your furry little friends, read on!

Can Guinea Pigs Have Blankets In Their Cage?

Guinea pigs love soft environments, making them feel warm and cosy. They will love it if you put blankets made of soft fabric in their cages.

You will notice them constantly rolling around and rubbing against the blanket. And the best part is they will overload your senses with cuteness while they do this! So, it is a source of entertainment for you and your guinea pig. What else could you possibly ask for?

Besides, guinea pigs love to burrow holes, which is part of their natural instincts. Burrowing holes and living in them makes guinea pigs feel safe and protected. Soft blankets have great burrowing potential, especially if you add hay and fleece fabric. Your little friend will love such an arrangement in its cage!

Additionally, the soft fabric of the blankets will be great for its paws. The cage floor may be too hard, which can cause an inflammatory condition known as bumblefoot. And covering the hard floor of the cage with a blanket will make it comfortable.

Black White Guinea Pig Yarning

Things To Consider When Putting A Blanket In The Guinea Pig Cage

There are specific points you need to consider if you want to put a blanket in a guinea pig cage. If you follow them, your furry little pet will be safer.

1. Use Soft Blankets

If you plan to put a blanket in the guinea pig cage, ensure it is soft and made from breathable fabrics. Never use a blanket made from synthetic materials since they are not that breathable and may be uncomfortable for your guinea pigs.

2. Do Not Use Oversized Blankets

The blanket size should be such that you can fit it snugly into the cage.

If you use a blanket that is too large or thick, it will reduce the space inside the cage. As a result, your pets will not be able to move around freely. Besides, they may become tangled in a large blanket, eventually suffocating them.

Old Guinea Pig On Couch

3. Do Not Use A Blanket With Holes

You should ensure that the blanket does not have any holes. The guinea pigs may get trapped in these holes, causing them to panic. In extreme cases, they may end up injuring themselves when trying to free themselves from the holes.

4. Clean The Blanket Regularly

Make sure to periodically clean the blanket so that the environment inside the cage remains hygienic and scent-free. On that note, make sure not to use hard detergents or soap, as your guinea pig may be allergic to them.

Bring Joy To Your Guinea Pig’s Life By Offering It A Blanket

Using blankets in your guinea pig cage is a better idea than using hard bedding or not using anything at all.

It keeps your pets cosy and can also be used to cover the cage, which is especially great for cold weather conditions. Besides, it reduces the noise, and your little furry friends will love playing and burrowing in it.

But you should always be cautious, or it might not be safe for your guinea pigs. That is why we have discussed some points to keep in mind.

In that context, if you notice that your pet has become irritable after putting in the blanket or has started chewing on it, you should refrain from using it.

Before you go, check out our extensive range of small guinea pig bedding, blankets and accessories. At Planet Pet, we want to ensure your furry friend is as comfortable as possible. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Anyways, that’s all we had to say, and now it’s time to wrap up. Before you go, read our guide on “How To Cut Your Guniea Pigs Nails” for more amazing tips!

We’ll be back with another exciting read soon!

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