Bird Cage Tidy 40x40cm

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Bird Cage Tidy 40x40cm

Brand: Avi One



Efficient Cage Cleanup with Avi One Bird Cage Tidy

The Avi One Bird Cage Tidy is an essential accessory designed to make cleaning your bird’s cage an effortless and convenient experience. Measuring 40x40cm, this cream-coloured tidy is perfect for keeping your home neat and reducing the time spent on cage maintenance.

Easy Attachment and Cleaning

Featuring an elastic top, the Avi One Bird Cage Tidy can easily be attached at the bottom of your bird’s cage for maximum effectiveness. Constructed from an easy-to-clean material, this cage tidy can be effortlessly wiped or rinsed to maintain a hygienic environment for your pet.

Prevents Spills and Blends with Décor

This practical accessory is designed to prevent food and water spillages, ensuring a tidy space around your bird’s cage. The simple design of the Avi One Bird Cage Tidy allows it to blend seamlessly with most cage décors, complementing your home’s aesthetic.

Variety of Sizes for Various Cages

The Avi One Bird Cage Tidy is available in multiple sizes to suit a wide range of bird cages, ensuring a suitable choice for pets of different sizes and cage configurations.

Perfect Solution for Busy Owners

Turn cage cleaning into a breeze with the Avi One Bird Cage Tidy, ideal for busy pet owners looking to simplify their routine. Experience the convenience of this handy item and enjoy a cleaner, more organised home with your feathered friend.

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