Bird Toy Coloured Beads Twister Bell 72cm

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In Stock

Bird Toy Coloured Beads Twister Bell 72cm

Brand: Avi One

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Maintain a vibrant and fun environment for your beloved avian companions with the eye-catching Bird Toy Coloured Beads Twister Bell by Avi One. Specially designed to cater to feathered pets of various sizes, this engaging bird toy offers numerous benefits, enhancing their well-being and preventing boredom.

Made of safe, non-toxic materials and featuring a colourful array of beads, this playful twister bell is perfect for your bird’s enjoyment while matching the aesthetics of their cage. With a length of 72cm, this dynamic toy has plenty of room for your pet to explore, twist, chew and play. For increased mental stimulation and auditory delight, a bell is also incorporated within the design.

Fit for a range of bird species, its assorted shapes and sizes cater to various bird preferences, ensuring that all feathered friends find pleasure in interacting with this delightful toy. Proudly offer your birds a delightful playtime experience, keeping them delightfully engaged with Avi One’s Bird Toy Coloured Beads Twister Bell, a wonderful addition to their avian habitat.

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