Avi One Mineral with Plastic Links

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In Stock

Avi One Mineral with Plastic Links

Brand: AVIONé

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Entertainment and Enrichment for Your Feathered Friend

The Avi One Mineral with Plastic Links bird toy is expertly crafted to provide entertainment and enrichment for your avian pet. A variety of engaging toys and textures contributes to a higher quality of life, nurturing their instincts and supporting their overall health and wellbeing.

Features & Benefits

  • Diverse textures from materials like loofa, rattan, wood, paper or plastic to stimulate your bird’s senses
  • Encourages foraging and prevents boredom
  • Made with a durable, bird-safe construction to ensure lasting enjoyment
  • Includes a lockable pear link for easy, secure placement within the bird cage
  • Available in a variety of textures and styles to suit your bird’s preferences


  • Small (S): 12.5cm
  • Medium (M): 15.5cm

By choosing the Avi One Mineral with Plastic Links bird toy from Planet Pet, you’ll provide your feathered friend with endless stimulation and joy, ensuring a happier, healthier pet.

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