You & Me Foraging Wall Bird Toy Multi Colour Medium

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You & Me Foraging Wall Bird Toy Multi Colour Medium

Brand: YOU & ME

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the You & Me Foraging Wall Bird Toy, specifically designed to keep your medium-sized feathered friends mentally stimulated, active, and engaged. The vibrant colours in this multi-coloured toy are visually appealing, ensuring your bird’s environment is both fun and enriching.

Bird foraging toys provide an essential challenge for your pet bird’s cognitive skills and natural foraging instincts. The Foraging Wall Bird Toy features multiple compartments for hiding treats, encouraging your bird to search and discover their rewards. This exciting puzzle not only keeps your bird entertained but also encourages them to work for their food, closely resembling their natural behaviour in the wild.

Made from durable materials, the You & Me Foraging Wall Bird Toy is built to withstand your bird’s curiosity and enthusiasm. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use and enjoyment, while the safety of your pet remains a top priority.

Ensure your bird’s happiness and mental well-being by adding this engaging and interactive foraging toy to their cage environment. Stimulate their minds while providing them with hours of entertainment with the You & Me Foraging Wall Bird Toy Multi Colour Medium, available at Planet Pet, your trusted source for high-quality pet products in Australia.

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