Birds Cup With Hook 280mL

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In Stock

Birds Cup With Hook 280mL

Brand: Avi One



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Avi One Birds Cup With Hook, designed to offer an effortless and secure way to provide water or seeds to your beloved feathered friends. This 280mL hanging cup is equipped with a magnetic hook, allowing it to easily attach to the sides of a birdcage without requiring any additional supports or tools.

Constructed from resilient metal, the Avi One Birds Cup is a durable alternative to plastic feeders, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. Its ample capacity ensures that your birds have a consistent supply of nourishment throughout the day. By choosing the Avi One Birds Cup With Hook, you’ll be providing your birds with a reliable and convenient solution to their feeding needs.


The Avi One Birds Cup With Hook has a capacity of 280mL, making it suitable for a variety of bird species and cage sizes. Its compact design ensures it doesn’t take up too much space within the cage, allowing your birds to enjoy their habitat comfortably.

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