Rectangular Feeder 2 Pack Small

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Rectangular Feeder 2 Pack Small

Brand: Kazoo

Categories: Birds, Bird Feeders



Features & Benefits

Provide your feathered friends with an attractive and versatile feeding option using the Kazoo Rectangular Feeder 2 Pack Small. Designed to be securely placed inside their cage, these vibrant bird feeders are perfect for a variety of food types, ensuring easy access to their daily meals. The pack includes two feeders in bright green and purple colours, adding a pop of visual appeal to your pet’s environment.

Made from durable plastic, these bird feeders are built to withstand daily usage and are easy to clean, ensuring your pet’s feeding area remains hygienic. The small size of these rectangular feeders ensures they will fit seamlessly within your bird’s habitat, while still offering ample room for food. They are ideal for small birds, including budgies, lovebirds, and canaries.


The Kazoo Rectangular Feeder 2 Pack comes in a small size, suitable for small birds and their specific weight requirements. The feeders' dimensions allow for convenient positioning within the cage, and the colour-coded design makes it easy to find and replace them during cleaning.

Choose Planet Pet for all your pet product needs and discover the quality and appeal of the Kazoo Rectangular Feeder 2 Pack Small for your beloved birds today.

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