Parrot Toy Loofah with Beads & Straw 12x19cm

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Parrot Toy Loofah with Beads & Straw 12x19cm

Brand: Avi One

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Entertaining Parrot Toy Packed with Fun Elements

Keep your parrot entertained and healthy with the Avi One Parrot Toy Loofah with Beads & Straw. Measuring 12x19cm, this delightful toy is carefully designed to stimulate your parrot’s natural instincts and keep them engaged for hours on end.

Made from loofah sticks and natural beads, both dyed with food-safe colours, this bird toy not only adds visual appeal to your parrot’s environment but also keeps them active and physically fit by providing an outlet for their natural urge to chew. The vibrant straw elements add another layer of fun and excitement to the mix.

As an added bonus, the toy features a Tintin Bell that jingles with every interaction, further grabbing your pet’s attention and contributing to their mental wellbeing. With its visual and acoustic features, the Parrot Toy Loofah with Beads & Straw is the perfect addition to any parrot’s home that encourages active play and mental stimulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides mental and physical stimulation for parrots
  • Encourages natural chewing behaviour and keeps birds active
  • Colourful and visually appealing with food-safe dyes
  • Features jingling Tintin Bell for added acoustic enjoyment

Give your pet the joy and enrichment they deserve with Planet Pet’s high-quality Avi One Parrot Toy Loofah with Beads & Straw, designed for their ultimate satisfaction and well-being.

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