Pumice Bird Perch Green 25cm

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In Stock

Pumice Bird Perch Green 25cm

Brand: Avi One



Features & Benefits

Introduce a stimulating and enjoyable addition to your bird’s cage with the Avi One Pumice Bird Perch in a vibrant green colour. This 25cm perch is designed to not only entertain your feathered friend but also provide essential care for their nails and beak.

Constructed with a coarse texture, the Pumice Bird Perch aids in naturally keeping your bird’s nails and beak trimmed, promoting good health and wellbeing. Ergonomically crafted, it easily attaches to cage edges ensuring a secure and stable base for your bird to play and climb on.

Beyond functionality, this Avi One pumice perch also encourages your bird’s curiosity, allowing them to explore and engage with their environment. An essential addition to any bird-owner’s collection, the 25cm Pumice Bird Perch provides both practicality and enjoyment for your cherished companion.


Measuring 25.5 x 4cm, this perch is suitable for a range of bird species and cage sizes.

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