Avi One Perch Mineral Calcium Wave

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In Stock

Avi One Perch Mineral Calcium Wave

Brand: AVIONé



Features & Benefits

The Avi One Perch Mineral Calcium Wave from AVIONé is a top-quality bird accessory designed to promote your feathered friend’s well-being. As a self-grooming, non-toxic perch, it addresses birds' natural chewing tendencies while effortlessly assisting in the trimming and maintenance of beaks and nails. This helps prevent overgrowth and ensures optimal avian health.

Additionally, this perch doubles as an exceptional source of calcium, supplementing your bird’s diet and promoting their overall wellness. The unique wave design offers the dual purpose of exercising their feet and reducing muscle stress, making it an ideal addition to any cage.

Easy Installation & Versatile Sizes

Attaching the perch to your bird’s cage is a breeze, thanks to the sturdy bolt included. Moreover, the Avi One Perch Mineral Calcium Wave is available in various styles and sizes to accommodate your bird’s specific needs and preferences:

  • Small (S): 16cm X 3cm
  • Medium (M): 19cm X 4cm

Make a smart investment in your bird’s health and happiness with the Avi One Perch Mineral Calcium Wave, and support their well-being with this essential accessory from Planet Pet.

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