7 Step Cement Ladder with Wood Frame Bird Toy

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7 Step Cement Ladder with Wood Frame Bird Toy

Brand: Living World

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Features & Benefits

Introducing the Living World 7 Step Cement Ladder with Wood Frame Bird Toy, a versatile and beneficial accessory designed for your feathery friend. This bird ladder toy is not only perfect for birds seeking a little fun and adventure; it also offers dual functionality as a useful tool to maintain their health.

Constructed with a durable wooden frame, this ladder hosts seven cement steps that are carefully coated with crushed seashell. This design not only allows your pet bird to comfortably climb and explore, but it also provides a natural surface to promote healthy nail and beak maintenance. As your beloved bird chews and pecks at the ladder steps, they will gradually file down their nails and beaks, keeping them in optimal condition.

Beyond aiding in nail and beak maintenance, this bird ladder also serves as an excellent source of calcium. The crushed seashell coating is enriched with essential nutrients. It delivers a beneficial calcium boost to your bird when consumed, ensuring they maintain strong bones and overall wellbeing.

Effortlessly integrating into your bird’s environment, the Living World 7 Step Cement Ladder is easily attachable to any desired cage location. Simply hook it up, and watch as your avian companion begins to climb, exercise, and enjoy their new toy.


The Living World 7 Step Cement Ladder with Wood Frame Bird Toy is designed to accommodate birds of various sizes, making it a suitable addition to any bird lover’s home.

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