Pumice Perch 5in Light Pink

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Pumice Perch 5in Light Pink

Brand: Avi One



Key Features & Benefits

Introducing the Avi One Pumice Perch in a delightful light pink hue, designed thoughtfully with your beloved bird’s comfort and happiness in mind. Specifically crafted for small to medium-sized birds, this pumice perch measures a versatile 5 inches, perfectly catering to your pet’s needs.

As an essential addition to any bird’s living environment, this pumice perch offers remarkable benefits to ensure the well-being of your feathered friend. Constructed with high-quality materials, the surface of the perch promotes natural beak maintenance and overall foot health, keeping your bird in optimal health.

Easily mounted in any cage, the Avi One Pumice Perch provides a secure and comfortable resting spot for your bird, encouraging natural perching behaviours. This attractive, light pink perch not only brightens up your pet’s habitat but presents a practical and long-lasting solution for your bird’s health and happiness.

Purchase the Avi One Pumice Perch 5in Light Pink from Planet Pet and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re providing your feathered friend with a superior quality product, backed by expertise and professionalism. Make the right choice for your bird’s health and happiness today.

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