Concrete Bird Perch 13cm

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Concrete Bird Perch 13cm

Brand: Avi One



Enhance Your Bird’s Habitat with the Avi One Concrete Perch

The Avi One Concrete Bird Perch offers a safe yet effective way to provide your feathered companions with an environmentally enriched space to rest and maintain their feet. This 13cm perch is designed to fit cosily into most bird cages and is perfect for smaller-sized birds.

Revolutionising Bird Care with its Unique Design

This bird perch features a non-toxic cement surface that aids in trimming and maintaining your bird’s nails and beak. The gentle abrasiveness of the perch not only helps to groom your pet’s extremities but also encourages healthy foot circulation thanks to its wavy surface. The result is a happy, well-groomed bird, free from foot problems.

Convenient and Easy to Install

Installing the Avi One Concrete Bird Perch is incredibly simple, which means your birds can reap the benefits as quickly as possible. Just attach the perch to your bird’s cage and watch them enjoy their new resting spot.

Promoting Health and Comfort for Your Feathered Friends

Trust in the expertise of Avi One and the years of experience in designing quality bird accessories. The Avi One Concrete Perch is the perfect addition to any birdcage, prioritizing both function and comfort while providing your beloved pets with a healthy environment to thrive.

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