Concrete Bird Perch 16cm

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Concrete Bird Perch 16cm

Brand: Avi One



Enrich Your Bird’s Environment with the Avi One Concrete Bird Perch

Avi One, a trusted brand in bird care, offers a high-quality Concrete Bird Perch designed to provide feathered friends with a comfortable and engaging place to sit and relax. Measuring 16cm, this perch is perfect for smaller birds and can easily fit in most cages, enhancing their overall well-being.

Feet Grooming and Health Maintenance

This innovative bird perch serves as an ideal spot for birds to groom their feet, thanks to its non-toxic cement material. The perch also aids in trimming and maintaining birds' nails and beaks, reducing the need for additional grooming tools.

Promoting Good Foot Health

Featuring a wavy surface, the Avi One Concrete Bird Perch is designed to promote foot circulation and help prevent potential foot problems. Birds can safely balance on this unique surface, aiding in the development of strong, healthy feet.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The Avi One Concrete Bird Perch is a breeze to install in your bird’s cage. Just attach it to the cage bars and enjoy the benefits it provides for your pet. Moreover, the durable and non-toxic materials ensure long-lasting use and easy maintenance.

Why Choose the Avi One Concrete Bird Perch?

Planet Pet offers the Avi One Concrete Bird Perch as the perfect accessory for bird owners who want to promote healthy foot grooming habits, enhance their pet’s environment, and ensure good foot circulation. Trust Avi One and Planet Pet to provide the best products for your feathered friends.

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