Avitrol Mite & Lice Bird Spray 500ml

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Avitrol Mite & Lice Bird Spray 500ml




Features & Benefits

Avitrol Mite & Lice Bird Spray is specially formulated to control and protect your precious caged birds from bothersome feather lice and mites. This easy-to-use 500ml spray bottle ensures that your birds remain healthy, vibrant, and safe with a lustrous, glossy plumage.

Easy Application

Using Avitrol Mite & Lice Bird Spray is a breeze; simply spray from a distance of about 40cm away from the bird. It is also essential to thoroughly spray the cage, perches, and nest box, concentrating on hidden spots where mites tend to inhabit and lay eggs, to prevent reinfestation.

Wide Compatibility

Suitable for all types of caged birds, this Avitrol Mite & Lice Spray is an excellent solution to controlling feather mites and lice in your birds' environment, keeping them happy and protected from harmful parasites.

Quality Bird Health Solution

Planet Pet’s Avitrol Mite & Lice Bird Spray is the ultimate bird health solution you can trust. As professionals in the pet products industry, our team is dedicated to providing products backed by expertise and experience, adhering to the highest quality standards to ensure your pets remain in top condition.

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