Ole Sheddable Bird Toy 38cm

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Ole Sheddable Bird Toy 38cm

Brand: Bird Kabob

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

Introducing the Ole Sheddable Bird Toy from Bird Kabob, the perfect addition to your feathered friend’s playtime. This 38cm bird toy is designed with natural wood fiber material that is not only safe to swallow but also highly captivating for birds. The soft, shreddable nature of the toy satisfies birds' innate desire to chew and shred, providing endless entertainment.

The Ole Sheddable Bird Toy stimulates birds' mental and physical well-being by catering to their natural instincts. The captivating design encourages birds to stay engaged and prevents the boredom that can lead to destructive behaviour. Moreover, the toy is created from eco-friendly materials, making it a responsible choice for both bird parents and the environment.


The Ole Sheddable Bird Toy measures 38cm in length, providing ample space for your bird to explore and play. The versatile size makes it suitable for various bird breeds, ensuring that it will be a delightful addition to any birdcage.

Choose Planet Pet for all your pet product needs, as they are committed to delivering high-quality products, trusted advice, and a seamless shopping experience. With the Ole Sheddable Bird Toy from Bird Kabob, your feathered friend will enjoy hours of entertainment while satisfying their natural instincts in a safe and engaging way.

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