Ole Sheddable Original Bird Toy 31cm

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Ole Sheddable Original Bird Toy 31cm

Brand: Bird Kabob

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Introducing the Bird Kabob Ole Sheddable Original Bird Toy

Introduce your feathered friend to the joy of the Bird Kabob Ole Sheddable Original Bird Toy, designed to provide a safe outlet for their natural chewing instincts. A must-have item for any destruction-loving bird, this toy is ideal for promoting both mental and physical stimulation, ensuring a happy and healthy pet.

Features & Benefits

  • Measuring 31cm in length, this thoughtfully designed bird toy is perfect for a wide range of bird sizes.
  • The all-natural softwood fibrous material ensures that it’s gentle on your bird’s beak while they shred and chew.
  • Helps to reduce boredom and prevent destructive behaviours such as feather plucking and excessive chewing.
  • Easy to install in any birdcage or aviary with its built-in hanging loop.
  • Environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced materials

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