Creative 3 Drawers Foraging Bird Toy

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Creative 3 Drawers Foraging Bird Toy

Brand: Caitec

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

The Creative 3 Drawers Foraging Bird Toy by Caitec is expertly designed to offer both mental stimulation and physical activity for your feathered companion. Crafted from high-quality and durable polycarbonate materials, this innovative toy allows birds to engage their problem-solving skills as they attempt to retrieve hidden treats from the pull-out drawers.

Measuring 3 x 5cm, each compartment is easily filled with your bird’s favourite treats or small toys, encouraging hours of foraging fun. The inclusion of hanging leather strips adds an extra element of interactive preening enjoyment, satisfying your pet’s natural instincts while reducing boredom and undesirable behaviours. The Caitec Creative 3 Drawers Foraging Bird Toy is not only an excellent entertainer for your avian friend but also a valuable addition to their daily enrichment routine.

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