Creative Foraging Push & Pull Bird Toy

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Creative Foraging Push & Pull Bird Toy

Brand: Caitec

Categories: Birds, Bird Toys



Features & Benefits

The Creative Foraging Push & Pull Bird Toy by Caitec is an innovative and engaging interactive toy designed to keep your feathered friend mentally stimulated and entertained. This durable and non-toxic polycarbonate toy is perfect for providing a challenging and enjoyable foraging experience for your bird. It is expertly designed to encourage your pet to think strategically and use its natural problem-solving skills to access hidden treats.

Featuring a unique push and pull mechanism, birds must learn to slide the slats up and down to release the treats hidden within. This entertaining and intricate process not only helps fight boredom but also promotes cognitive development and enhances their natural foraging instincts. The Turn-Lock Top ensures that refilling the toy with your bird’s favourite treats is a hassle-free task, making this toy a perfect addition to any bird owner’s collection.

Planet Pet proudly offers the Caitec Creative Foraging Push & Pull Bird Toy to provide your avian companion with endless hours of fun, mental stimulation, and skill development. Choose this expertly crafted bird toy to ensure your feathered friend stays happy, healthy and engaged in their daily playtime.

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