Cockatiel Mix Bird Seed

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Cockatiel Mix Bird Seed

Brand: Golden Cob

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Features & Benefits

Golden Cob Cockatiel Mix Bird Seed is a meticulously formulated blend of nutritious seeds specifically designed to keep both pet and wild cockatiels healthy and content. This premium seed mix caters to the unique dietary needs of cockatiels, making it an excellent choice for bird owners and enthusiasts.

The individual seeds in this mix are coated with a rich vitamin and mineral-enriched oil, which not only enhances flavour but also ensures that cockatiels receive a well-rounded and balanced diet. This oil is a valuable source of essential fatty acids, promoting optimal health and overall wellbeing for these delightful birds.

By choosing Golden Cob Cockatiel Mix Bird Seed, customers can trust in the brand’s decades of experience and its commitment to producing quality pet products. Australian-owned and made, Golden Cob prioritises the health and happiness of pets and their owners alike, and this superior seed mix is just another example of that dedication.


Please refer to the product packaging for available sizes and weight options, as well as feeding guidelines to ensure cockatiels receive the appropriate amount of nutrition for their needs.

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