Harmony No Waste Seed Block 330G

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Harmony No Waste Seed Block 330G

Brand: Harmony Wild Bird

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Treats



Features & Benefits

The Harmony Wild Bird No Waste Seed Block 330g is an excellent choice for attracting a variety of beautiful Australian wild birds to your backyard. This premium seed block is crafted with honey, offering a healthy and delectable supplement to their natural diet.

What sets the Harmony No Waste Seed Block apart is its 100% edible formulation. With seeds that have been de-hulled, birds can enjoy the tasty kernels without leaving behind any unsightly husks or mess on your deck or garden. This not only keeps your outdoor area clean, but also prevents any unwanted seed growth if unconsumed by ground-feeding birds.

Designed for convenience, the Harmony Seed Block comes with a natural fibre string hanger, making it easy to hang from a tree branch or outdoor hook – no additional feeder required!

  • A healthy supplement to wild birds' natural diets
  • De-hulled seeds for a mess-free feeding experience
  • Convenient string hanger for easy installation

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