Harmony No Waste Seed Mix 1kg

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Harmony No Waste Seed Mix 1kg

Brand: Harmony Wild Bird

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Introducing Harmony No Waste Seed Mix 1kg

The Harmony Wild Bird No Waste Seed Mix is a thoughtfully designed bird food blend, perfect for attracting a wide variety of beautiful Australian wild birds to your backyard. This seed mix provides a healthy and flavourful supplement to the birds' natural diet, infused with honey for added appeal.

One of the standout features of this specially crafted bird seed mix is that it’s 100% edible. The seeds are pre-dehulled, ensuring that your garden or deck remains tidy and free from the waste typically created as the birds enjoy their meal. Additionally, this no waste seed design prevents unwanted plants from germinating and growing in your garden when uneaten seeds are inadvertently dropped by visiting avian friends.

To make feeding effortless, the Harmony No Waste Seed Mix comes with a natural fibre hanger, eliminating the need for additional feeding stations. Simply hang it on a tree branch and watch the birds happily flock to it!

  • 100% edible seeds - No mess left behind on your deck or garden
  • Healthy supplement - Enhances birds' natural diets
  • Easy feeding - Convenient and ready-to-hang natural fibre
  • Honey-infused - Increased appeal to attract various wild birds
  • Environmentally friendly - Protects against unwanted garden growth

Enhance your backyard’s environment and delight in the vibrant colours of various Australian wild birds by choosing the Harmony No Waste Seed Mix 1kg. With its unique, easy-to-use design and ecological benefits, both you and your feathered friends can enjoy the best nature has to offer.

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