Pestene Powder 500g

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Pestene Powder 500g

Brand: Inca



Key Features & Benefits

Inca Pestene Powder is a versatile and effective solution designed to safely control lice, mites, and flukes on various animals, including dogs, cats, fowls, calves, horses, and goats. Formulated to provide powerful results, this fine powder is easy to apply, ensuring the utmost convenience for pet owners.

Not only does it help protect pets from discomfort caused by various parasites, but it also allows for no retention time for egg consumption, providing peace of mind when using it on egg-laying animals. However, note that it is not suitable for pets and puppies under three months old.

Easy Application & Reliable Results

With 500 grams of Inca Pestene Powder available in each container, pet owners have the necessary amount to effectively protect their animals from pests. By choosing Planet Pet, customers can trust in our expertise and commitment to providing Australia’s finest pet products, ensuring a healthier and happier pet environment.

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