Avimec Budgie Topical Liquid 50ml

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Avimec Budgie Topical Liquid 50ml

Brand: Vetafarm



Product Overview

Vetafarm Avimec Budgie Topical Liquid is a specially formulated, easy-to-use drop-on solution designed to combat Scaly Face mite (Knemidokoptes pilae) in budgerigars. This powerful liquid contains 1000g/mL Ivermectin, which actively treats and controls the infestation of these microscopic pests.

Features & Benefits

Scaly Face mite infestations in budgerigars can lead to discomfort and potential health problems. Vetafarm Avimec offers pet owners an effective solution to address these parasitic invaders:

  • Targeted treatment: Avimec is specifically engineered for budgerigars and their unique needs.
  • Simple application: This drop-on liquid is easy to apply, ensuring a stress-free experience for both pet and owner.
  • Proven effectiveness: The powerful active ingredient, Ivermectin, has proven success in treating Scaly Face mite infestations in budgerigars.
  • Trusted brand: Vetafarm is a renowned Australian pet care company with years of experience and expertise in developing quality pet health products.


Avimec Budgie Topical Liquid comes in a convenient 50ml bottle, providing an ample supply to treat and protect a budgerigar against Scaly Face mite infestations.

Choose Planet Pet for a trusted, Australian-based source of pet products and expertise. Keep budgerigars healthy and free from discomfort with Vetafarm Avimec Budgie Topical Liquid.

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